Giving gifts has always been a great way to reach out and appreciate your loved ones for their presence in your life. Our colleagues, neighbors, acquaintances, friends, cousins ​​, and relatives form this circle of mutual appreciation, and what could be more beautiful than lighting up your face with a radiant smile with an attentive gift. Finding an ideal gift is a true art: a gift that defines individuality adapts to the recipient and expresses their relationship.


Lluvia Tea makes it possible with a range of beautifully handcrafted Assam's tea gifts perfect for any celebration such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, and other festivities. Our gift tea sets have unique themes that offer tea connoisseurs the opportunity to enjoy a combination of flavors according to their mood. So get creative with our customizable gift tea sets today. 

 Our gift tea set is the perfect gift box for your friends and family. With spicy green teas and lots of love, this gift basket with attractive packaging and pleasant tea combinations makes all tea lovers happy. From health to taste, it is the best gift for loved ones on any occasion.


High-quality box packaging: The gift set is packaged in a beautiful box made of high-quality packaging. It is designed to travel long distances without damage or breakage. 

  • Refreshing Aroma and Flavor: Perfect for women and men, the gift Assam tea set contains freshly brewed tea leaves and guarantees the perfect smell and taste. With high-quality packaging and refreshing green teas, our gift set is sure to be a family favorite. 
  •  100% natural ingredients: Sourced from different parts of the country, the duo of whole leaf teas in a basket is made with organic ingredients and superfoods that make them immunostimulant and healthy.


A gift of good health for your near and dear ones. 


Each celebration bears witness to an ancient tradition of gift exchange. However, indecision seeps in when you start looking for a suitable memory that you will treasure forever. We offer you a comprehensive gift solution to make finding a suitable souvenir for every occasion easier.

Replace traditionally expected gifts with a unique keepsake - aesthetically designed gift boxes. 

Our gift boxes contain blends of the world's most luxurious teas blended with fruits, flowers, and flavors to create a sublime tea experience. Our passion also extends to the gift box, which is available in royal blue and green, adorned with a beautiful gold bow, making it a perfect standalone gift or part of a spectacular gift basket.

We are happy to customize these gift boxes with your desired text or logo embossed on top in gold, with low minimum order quantities. You can further customize the package to your liking by choosing four teas from our tea menu. The additional tea accessories in the gift box make it a complete and well-thought-out gift solution. 

Make a gift an unforgettable experience by giving away the best teas in the world, perfect for corporate gifts, Diwali gifts, wedding gifts, seasonal gifts, or other personal gifts.

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  • Artisanal blenders: We blend and curate our packaging in small batches to ensure flavor, quality, and freshness in every sip. 
  • Offering an expansive selection of thoughtfully crafted teas and tisanes that rejuvenate your senses and elevate your mind.



Why Gift Tea?

  • Tea is the most consumed beverage in every household, by people of all age
  • Tea has a myriad of health benefits
  • Shelf Life of 12-24 months 
  • Unique and Freshly packed on orders
  • Can be customized according to preferred flavors and Packaging options on Pre-order. 
  • Gift a great healthy habit