Rooted in the pristine environs of Assam's Manas National Park — Lluvia Tea is our gift to the world

A gift that allows us to appreciate & love nature in its purest, most beneficial form.

A boutique brand with a solid and innovative vision of why we do what we do, we are a new-age enterprise that carries on its young shoulders the legacy of a heritage estate that has been growing and manufacturing quality tea for over 100 years. On a mission to pass on the rich heritage of Assam's tea to the world, we offer a unique & unparalleled selection of handcrafted tea blends straight “from the origin” that rejuvenate your senses and elevate your body, mind, and spirit.We are a conscious brand & therefore all our teas can be traced back to their source without the involvement of any middlemen - thereby building an assurance of purity & consistency. Lluvia Tea aims to give back, as much as we can, to the region we source from, through all our initiatives by nurturing relationships with medium-scale tea estates, women farmers, and local artisans in order to build a sustainable future for Mother Earth. From us to you, for you. Love at Tea Sight - Lluvia Tea.

We are proudly Indian.

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The problem is finding fresh single origin customized blended teas in various states, by various people in the Hotel, Restaurant and Cafe industry.

LLUVIA TEA is an Assam-based boutique tea brand having its operational headquarters in Guwahati. Lluvia tea is a labor of
love and a journey into tradition. Rooted in the pristine environs of Assam's Manas National Park — a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the crown jewels of Project Tiger — this new-age enterprise carries on its young shoulders the
legacy of a heritage estate that has been growing and manufacturing quality tea
for over 100 years.

Fatemabad TE, owned by Lluvia Tea's parent company Snowfall Agro Pvt Ltd and nourished by neighboring Manas's unique
ecosystem, is where the core of Lluvia Tea's single-estate produce comes from. But just like our patrons, we are more than just the sum of our glorious lineage. Our portfolio contains an array of C.T.C., orthodox, green, and specialty teas that genuinely reflect the best of the region. All our teas are painstakingly tasted and blended by our in-house professionals before being packaged in a state-of-the-art facility to maintain their freshness, aroma, and flavor for a longer time.

We are here for the long haul. And like all great companies, we put the customer at the heart of everything we do.

We are a boutique Tea brand with a solid and innovative vision of why we do what we do. It is about quality, sustainability,
and a friendly, welcoming community. The most remarkable thing about our Tea is that -

You can drink it with a smile at any time of the day!

Our Team


Rajesh Kumar Jalan


Inderjit Dutta


Gazal Jalan

Lluvia Tea's primary stakeholder RAJESH KUMAR JALAN was born into a family of tea estate owners that drifted into different
businesses over generations. But as they say, you can take a planter out of Tea, but you can't take Tea out of a planter. Mr. Jalan now runs Fatemabad Tea Estate alongside his many other ventures, investing in it the passion of someone who has found his true calling. More often than not, he can be found in the estate, personally supervising production and quality control along with a dedicated team of executives. When it comes to Tea, he can be counted upon to give a buyer the cream of the crop.

INDERJIT DUTTA has been a tea planter for two-and-a-half decades. For him, it's a labor of love that started on a chilly morning in November 1997, when a young rookie set out on a journey to become a tea planter. As a senior executive of the World's largest tea company, McLeod Russel, he has worked in some of Assam and the Dooars region's
finest estates such as Bukhial, Dehing, Chuapara, Central Dooars, and Jayanti. Coming from a family of tea planters and a first-generation entrepreneur, Inderjit put his production, blending, and tea tasting skills to the test by founding a start-up called Teacart in 2019 that quickly built a loyal clientele
for C.T.C., green, and specialty teas. At Lluvia, he is responsible for handpicking the best of C.T.C., orthodox and green teas before tasting, blending, and infusing them with floral, herbal, and spice flavors to suit every palate.

GAZAL JALAN is the Branding,
Strategy, and Digital marketing head of Lluvia Tea; drawing on her Global M.B.A. degree and working in countries like Singapore, Dubai, Australia, she comes with Global exposure to the Asian markets. Being an avid tea drinker herself, and as someone deeply invested in her home state Assam, Gazal aspires to make up for the visible lack of awareness about and availability of Tea from the region in many countries she traveled to. She brings to the table not just top-notch skills as a marketing strategist and an entrepreneur but also a social bent of mind. The two things closest to her heart are promoting single-estate Assam tea and holistic community development programs targeted at tea workers. Her undying love for that hot cup of happiness led to the curation
of L.L.U.V.I.A. Tea.