Organic Matcha Tea

Unveiling the Elegance of Ceremonial Grade Matcha Tea: A Journey Through History and Tradition

Matcha tea, a vibrant green tea powder, has a rich cultural and historical significance, particularly in Japan, where it has been an integral part of traditional Buddhist practices and tea ceremonies for centuries.Matcha tea has been around for over a thousand years, first consumed by Buddhist monks in China. Monks discovered that the tea’s energizing and calming effects helped them stay awake and focused during long meditation sessions. Matcha tea is made from shade-grown tea leaves. The tea bushes are covered with shading cloths several weeks before harvest, which slows down the photosynthesis process and increases the production of chlorophyll and amino acids. This results in the gorgeous green color and unique taste of matcha tea. After the initial harvest, the buds and leaves are steamed, dried, and sorted. Then, matcha tea producers use a traditional method of grinding the dried leaves into a fine powder using a slow-turning granite stone mill. This process takes a lot of time and patience, and only traditional mills are considered suitable for this process. Beyond its cultural significance and exquisite taste, ceremonial grade matcha offers a wealth of health benefits, thanks to its rich concentration of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. From boosting metabolism and enhancing cognitive function to promoting relaxation and reducing stress, matcha is celebrated for its ability to nourish the body, mind, and spirit. In the world of tea, few experiences rival the elegance and depth found in ceremonial grade matcha, and Lluvia Tea's commitment to quality and tradition elevates this ancient beverage to new heights. As we conclude our exploration of matcha tea, we are reminded of the centuries-old legacy that continues to inspire tea lovers around the globe.With each sip, may you find serenity, may you find joy, and may you find a deeper connection to the ancient art of tea. Cheers to the journey ahead, and may it be filled with moments of bliss and enlightenment, one cup of matcha at a time.