Pyaalee Assam CTC Black Tea

Exploring the Richness of Assam: Pyaalee - A Symphony of CTC Black Tea and Orthodox Elegance:

Assam, known for its lush tea gardens and picturesque landscapes, is a treasure trove of unique tea blends. Among them, Pyaalee stands out as a true gem, combining the robust flavor of CTC (Crush, Tear, and Curl) black tea with the elegance of orthodox tea. This harmonious blend not only captures the essence of Assam but also offers a distinctive and delightful tea-drinking experience.

          Pyaalee is not just a beverage; it's a reflection of Assam's rich tea culture and heritage. The name itself, derived from the Hindi word "pyaala," meaning cup, emphasizes the significance of this blend in the daily lives of tea enthusiasts. It brings together the best of both worlds – the strong, malty notes of CTC black tea and the nuanced, complex flavors of orthodox tea. The CTC method involves crushing, tearing, and curling the tea leaves to produce small, robust granules. This process intensifies the flavor and aroma of the tea, resulting in a bold and brisk cup.

         Assam's CTC black tea is renowned for its malty character, full-bodied profile, and a deep, coppery liquor that awakens the senses. It serves as the backbone of Pyaalee, providing a strong foundation for the blend. Crafting the perfect Pyaalee requires a keen understanding of tea leaves and a delicate touch in blending. Tea artisans carefully select high-quality CTC black tea and orthodox tea leaves, ensuring a harmonious balance between strength and elegance.

        The artful combination of these two distinct types of tea results in a cup that is bold yet refined, offering a symphony of flavors that dance on the palate.

Lluvia Tea, known for its commitment to excellence and passion for tea craftsmanship, has once again raised the bar with Pyaalee. This blend is a testament to their dedication to sourcing the finest tea leaves from the verdant landscapes of Assam, and their artful blending that transforms a simple cup of tea into an extraordinary experience. Pyaalee by Lluvia Tea is not just a tea blend; it's a sensory journey through the tea gardens of Assam. With each cup, Lluvia Tea invites you to savor the magic of Pyaalee – a celebration of the perfect marriage between CTC black tea's strength and orthodox tea's elegance. Embrace the symphony in your cup, and let Pyaalee transport you to the heart of Assam's tea culture, one sip at a time.